Weight reduction

Our concept of weight reduction:

Gastric band surgery

The purpose of a gastric band is the reduction of ingestion.

The silicone gastric band surgery (ASGB- system- adjustable silicone gastric band) reduces ingestion through attaching a gentle silicone band with an elastic vessel to the upper part of the stomach, which parts it in two.

Gastric sleeve surgery

Here a large part of the stomach is removed, leaving only a sleeve-like section. Thus the ingestion is reduced. Compared with the gastric band, this way has the advantage of reaching a better level of satiety, and a reduced feeling of hunger.

Gastric bypass

A gastric bypass surgery aims to reduce both ingestion and resorption of food in the intestine.

Mini gastric bypass (Omega loop gastric bypass)

It holds the same benefits as the gastric bypass, but has only one new link and thus has a shorter surgery duration.a

Gastric pacemaker

Electric streams among others are responsible for a feeling of satiety and gastric emptying.

With the aid of a pacemaker, the gastric streams are adjusted so that the feeling of satiety lasts longer, and gastric emptying happens slower.

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